Packing Work & Materials
We can plan the optimum packing method with using every materials and our know-how.
Suggestions to suit the application from returnable box, bar station, steel carriage of pladan sheet specification to sales of the plastic container, palette, dunnage.


We can create RSB type or specific carton size as your request.

Specific Cardboard

Partition can be blanked or specified, proper to product as buffer prevention material.

Air Bubble

You can order any size of air bubble sheet or air bubble bag, also the strength that suit to product.


Aquasorbit desiccant is use for product that weak to humidity.

We study cardboard, the material, to find identity and essence which can solve problem and useful for various fields, and also research for new application and possibility all the time.
We are doing research delicately to find every possible, such as recycle cardboard, lighter weight, easier procession, heat-retention, and inexpensiveness, which could develop our products and share to the world. Now we are starting a challenge that combines our projects together, creating brand new applications, and also constructing system planning tools that made by various lasted machines to answer your order and request. We can make visual & color design, prototype model, or small lot as fast and freely as you ask for.
Fast Planning and Develop Product by CAD/CAM.
Customer’s Order and Problem
  • Purpose ( exterior, interior, individual, decoration, SP tool )
  • Strength
  • Object ( light load, heavy load )
  • Design
  • Size
System PlanningTools
  • CAD (design system)
  • Macintosh (visual & color design)
  • CAM (cutting system)
Verification of Goods
  • Strength test
  • Procession’s attitude
  • Laws and regulation
Present to Customer

Construction and Type of Cardboard

Cardboard is make of paper which we call “flute”, corrugate that looks like mountains line, and “liner” that stuck with mountain’s line. Flute plays part of strength that absorbs impact and pressure from outside. Normally, there are 3 type of its structure, but we can design how strength or buffer of cardboard we want by flute’s height, liner, or corrugate combining.

One Side Cardboard
Liner stuck with one side of flute.
Two Side Cardboard
Liner stuck with both side of flute.
Multiple Two Side Cardboard
Make of 2 layers of flute and 3 layer of liner.
Speedy and flexible multi-product support is available with the introduction of incorporating automatic
line from manufacturing machine, stowage robot, palletizer, auto stretcher, etc.
We can check quality of product as your request
We offer packaging specification or packing method which suit to product.
We can fix pallet unit for packed product.
Our case is designed for product’s dimension and diameter.
Trolley Planning & Sale
Do the planning and creation of the product storage truck in pursuit of excellent durability and shock-absorbing properties, storage efficiency and transport efficiency.